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RPM Cattle Safe T Force


About Safe-T-Force

The Safe-T-Force is a galvanised manual system designed for a safer and more efficient way to handle cattle. This fully sheeted system is also designed to improve the natural flow of cattle from the Safe-T-Force through the race and into the cattle crush. The Safe-T-Force allows the operator to push the cattle around with a unique automatic brake locking gate, making it safer for both the animal and the operator.


Safety is a key element in yard systems today, and we have designed an elevated walkway with a handrail and a set of stairs at each end of the walkway. Additionally, a special handle can be added to this system, which allows the operator to control the Safe-T-Force whilst being out of harms way.

We offer this system as a 2 section or a 3 section with either nearside or offside operation.


Key Points:

  • Galvanised construction

  • Enhanced time management 

  • Improved cattle flow and OH&S

  • Unique automatic brake locking gate

  • 3 metre available in 2 Section and 3 Section

  • 3 metre available in 4 Section (*special yards only)

Optional Extra (not included):

  • Walkway and handrail


  • 2 Section STF - 315 kgs

  • 3 Section STF - 395 kgs

3m 2 Section Safe-T-Force

3m 2 Section Safe-T-Force

3m 3 Section Safe-T-Force

3m 3 Section Safe-T-Force 

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