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3 Ways a Safe-T-Force Cattle System Can Save You Money

1) Less Injury to your Workers. As a cattle producer, your primary concern should always be your workers. Cattle are unpredictable animals. Cattle handlers need to be aware of risks when handling cattle, such as being crushed, trampled, gored, and kicked. When injuries occur, you lose both time and money as the injured party needs to heal; you need to find someone to replace them while they recover, and you have paperwork to file with insurance companies.

The Safe-T-Force is a galvanised manual system that has been designed as a safer and more efficient way to handle cattle. An elevated walkway eliminates the need for handlers to be needlessly placed at risk by being in close contact with the cattle, and the unique handle allows the Safe-T-Force to be operated whilst the handler is out of harm's way.

2) Less Stress for your Cattle.

Relocating cattle from any environment, such as changing paddock, weaning calves or loading stock onto trucks to take the market, can cause stress. Not only are stressed cattle unpredictable, but stress can also make cattle lose weight; heifers can miscarry or show signs of illness.

Cattle are herding animals, and the Safe-T-Force takes advantage of their herding instinct to move in a natural flow towards the cattle crush.

3) Faster Loading Time

In 1748 Benjamin Franklin wrote the immortal words 'Remember that time is money', and that saying is just as wise today as it was back then. The Safe-T-Force system has been designed to improve your cattle's sorting and loading times. The elevated walkway protects your workers from having to keep one eye on the young bull trying to lock horns with its rival, and they know they are safe on the strongly built galvanised construction.

Additionally, the unique automatic brake locking system removes the option for a stray beast to cut loose and run back into the herd, wasting valuable time having to find it again. These three features mean that your workers can focus on the job at hand, effectively cutting loading times, which in turn will save you money.

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