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Calf Cradle

The Calf Cradle and Stand Alone Calf Race are purpose built to handle Calves for all regular breeds throughout Australia.


The Calf Cradle and Calf Race are not just smaller versions of RPM’s regular cattle equipment, they are adjustable and produced to allow for different sizes and differences in various breeds. For maximum Calf safety and efficiency, the Cradle includes a head rest, heavy duty galvanised steel construction plus a cowl infill to also protect the Operator.

The Calf Cradle and Stand Alone Calf Race are available to suit most operations, or have one designed to suit your yard.

  • Calf Handling Made Easier

  • Heavy duty galvanised steel

  • Table style cradle

  • Improved OH&S

  • Hydra Lock Technology allowing infinite clamping adjustment

  • Foot and Hand Operation

  • Head rest for improved safety and efficient operation

  • Cowl infill for increased animal and operator safety

  • Nearside branding (pictured) and offside branding available 

    • Stipulate which side you brand on at time of order​


Weight: 160 kgs

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