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Ultimate Air Cattle Crush from RPM Livestock


RPM Livestock Air Equipment

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To provide Cattle Operators the pinnacle in low stress cattle handling equipment, RPM offer the Ultimate Air Crush.


The Ultimate Air Crush utilises the best of the pneumatic technology and RPM’s experience of over 30 years in cattle handling production to manufacture a silent crush with super squeeze strength. Designed for the ultimate in safety for the operator and cattle, this crush saves time, protects your livestock, is simple to operate and needs less to staff manage the workflow.


The Ultimate Air Crush is the definitive pneumatic crush that includes numerous pieces of equipment as standard, plus other options to maximise your cattle handling productivity while ensuring the safety of your staff and cattle.


Feel free to call 07 5462 3433 or email for further details and compare what RPM has to offer, we feel you will be pleasantly surprised.

Ultimate Air Crush

  • Air Powered

  • Ability to operate manually by disconnecting the air rams

  • Heavy Duty Crush Using High Tensile Galvanised Steel

  • Small Feedlot/Large Commercial Operation

  • Parallel Double Sided Squeeze

  • Drop-In Floor - Steel Floor or Rubber Lined Floor

  • Spey & Injection Gates

  • Swing-Away Control Panel Operation

  • 100mm Pneumatic Cylinders on Bail and Squeeze – Fully Speed Controllable

  • Rose Joint Bearing Linkage

  • Hydra Lock Headbail and Squeeze

  • Front and Rear Operation Standard

  • Straight Rubber Lined Headbail Doors

  • Ball Bearing Headbail Pivot

  • Sound Proofing

  • Reduced Labour Costs

  • Powerlock Linkage

  • Offside and Nearside Available

  • Additional Extras You Can Add to Your Crush (Not Included): Hydra Headlock, Mugger Style Headlock, Air Headlock, Semen Collection Gate.


Headbail Square.jpg


  • Pneumatic Superlock Headbail

  • Full walk through

  • Rubber lined doors

  • Option to operate manually or air assisted

  • Quick, quiet close and release

  • Reduced manual labour 

3 way air drafter cylinder driven RPM Livestock Equipment main unit 1200p.png


  • Pneumatic 3 way drafting 

  • Galvanised construction

  • 720mm walk through

  • 75x40x2mm oval rail gates

  • 50x50 SHS main frame

  • Adding additional modules will create 5 or 7 drafters

Gate Square.jpg


  • Pneumatic sliding gate

  • More efficient in reducing walking distance and labour

  • Split doors for quicker closing to baulk and block animals

  • Can be operated by push button at the gate or from the control panel connected at the Crush

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