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Preparing breeders to make the most of the season

As a cattle producer, the time to join heifers is a crucial time to maximize your profits and make sure your livestock is in the best of health. To make the most of the season, you need to be prepared. Here are a few tips for cattle breeders to help get them ready for the season.

First, you need to assess the condition of your cattle. Take a good look at each animal and make sure they are healthy and well-nourished. Examine them for any signs of illness or injury, and if necessary, contact your veterinarian to ensure your cattle are in top shape.

Next, you should make sure you have enough food and water for your cattle. Depending on the size of your herd, you may need to purchase additional feed and water. Make sure your feed is of the highest quality to ensure your cattle are getting the nutrition they need.

Third, you should inspect your facilities and make any necessary repairs. This includes making sure the fences are in good condition, the troughs are full and in good working order plus the pastures are well-maintained. It’s also important to keep your tools and equipment in good condition, as they are an essential part of caring for your cattle.

Finally, keeping records so you can check your starting point and compare the upcoming season to previous seasons. By following these steps, you can ensure you are prepared for the upcoming season. Doing so will help you maximise your profits and ensure your cattle are healthy and safe.

There are a number of good organisations that prepare useful and helpful information, remember to check them out. The MLA have a full module of information on this topic, here’s a link to download their manual.


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