RPM Australia – Pacific Pty Ltd – CRUSHES

RPM Australia – Pacific Pty Ltd cattle crushes have been popular since hitting the market in 1990 as the company has always taken pride in listening to the needs of the people in the industry. The range of RPM crushes have been developed over the years to serve all sectors of the market, from the “Econo Crush” which is perfect for smaller producers to the “Ultimate EHD Crush” which is regarded as the benchmark for heavy duty cattle crushes in Australia.


RPM Australia – Pacific Pty Ltd – YARD SYSTEMS

RPM Australia – Pacific Pty Ltd has an extensive range of yard systems that have been designed to cater for every need. The yards are made from strong galvanised steel that deliver supreme quality, choice and value and available in three different sections. RPM also offers the service to design and customize yards tailored to suit clients’ specific needs


RPM Australia Pacific Pty Ltd – OPTIONS

RPM Australia – Pacific Pty Ltd offer a large range of crush options and benefits suitable for various jobs making it easier and safer for the operator. A selection of headlocks, gates (semen gate, spray gate, baulk gate) floors and spare parts are among the options.


RPM Australia – Pacific Pty Ltd – Special Yard Packages

RPM Australia – Pacific Pty Ltd offer a large range of yard packages to suit small producers to large commercial and feedlot operators. These packages may include an RPM yard design, crush and a ramp or safe t force.


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Field Days

14th-16th February - Seymour Field Day. (Seymour, VIC)

21st-22nd March - South East Field Day. (Lucindale, SA)

27th-30th March - Farm World. (Warragul, VIC)

2nd-4th May - Tocal Field Day. (Paterson, NSW)

16th-17th May - North QLD Field Day . (Townsville, QLD)

3rd-5th June - Farmfest Field Day. (Toowoomba, QLD)

19th -21st June - Primax Field Day. (Casino, NSW)

8th-10th July - Ag Grow Field Day. (Emerald, QLD)

22nd-24th August - Farm Fantastic. (Caboolture, QLD)

2nd-4th September - Ag Show Field Day. (Toowoomba, QLD)

9th-10th September - Westech. (Barcaldine, QLD)

23rd-25th September - Henty Field Day. (Henty, NSW)

7th-9th October - Elmore Field Day. (Elmore, VIC)

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