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Why is RPM Livestock Equipment made in Australia?

There’s no denying that Australian produced goods are often of higher quality than those imported from overseas. From food to furniture, and especially when it comes to cattle handling and farming equipment, Australian production offers a number of benefits.

By sticking to locally made production, RPM Livestock Equipment can ensure better quality control to produce a product to last. Inhouse production allows RPM management to inspect the materials used, the workmanship, as well as the final product, to ensure the equipment meets the standards required to handle Australian cattle. This isn’t possible with overseas production, and importing products or the components to assemble locally, as there is often a lack of transparency and accountability.

Local production provides RPM the opportunity to work as a team that is familiar with their products, it’s not just another production job lot. Management can easily communicate with the production team to ensure that their vision is properly understood and implemented into the final product. This is impossible with overseas production, where language barriers can make communication difficult.

Overall, Australian production is the best option when it comes to delivering high-quality cattle handling equipment. That’s why RPM produce locally in Gatton, Queensland - Australia to ensure better quality control, easily communicate with their team to deliver the best cattle handling equipment for Australian Cattle Producers.


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