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Why it's important to test for pregnancy

A few reasons why it's important for Australian cattle breeders to test for pregnancy.

By testing breeders to identify which cows are pregnant and which are not, is important for managing the herd to ensure that cows are not mistakenly culled or sold.

Knowing which cows are pregnant also allows breeders to plan for calving and allocate resources accordingly. As an example, pregnant cows may require different nutrition and adjisting than non-pregnant cows, and may need to be separated from the rest of the herd closer to calving.

Pregnancy testing can also help identify fertility issues in the herd. If a significant proportion of cows are found to be not pregnant, this may indicate problems with breeding or fertility, which can be addressed to improve the overall health and productivity of the herd.

Finally, pregnancy testing is often a requirement for farmers who are selling cattle, as buyers typically want to know the pregnancy status of the cows they are purchasing. By testing and certifying the pregnancy status of their cattle, breeders can improve their marketability and potentially command higher prices for their animals.

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