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RPM Cattle Crush Option is ‘Hot Dipped’

Purpose built for the tough conditions of northern NSW, RPM’s hot-dip option is available for cattle handling equipment to provide an extra layer of steel for durability and strength.

“A dedicated customer service supports our mission to consistently provide products quality that deliver value and long term reliability,” an RPM spokesman said.

RPM has an array of galvanised cattle crushes, yard systems, headbails and headlocks, ramps, gates and panels to support the small producers to the large commercial and feedlot operators.

RPM is 100% Australian owned cattle handling range manufactured by Geoff Pearson, a well-known breeder, feedlot operator and exporter of cattle in Western Australia. The products are created in the factory at Gatton, Queensland and available across a national dealer network.

The company has introduced innovations in its crush range such as the hydra lock ram, rose joint linkages, power lock linkages and the hydra lock squeeze, to make work easier.

Plans continue to meet customers’ needs through feedback and research.

RPM uses the latest computer-aided design and engineering to optimise efficiency, operator safety and animal welfare.

“The Air Crush is an asset to any feedlot and commercial stud operation,” Mr Pearson said.

“This is a total RPM design, which features far less linkages to assist in easy and effective management.

“The Air Crush uses the latest technology for air equipment, which makes it a faster and cleaner cattle crush.

“Air-powered rams are fitted to the headbail, squeeze and rear door of the crush, which can all be controlled from a single control box that is attached to a swinging boom.

“This boom can be operated in any position from the headbail to the rear door."


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