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Preparing for calving season

In Australia preparing for calving season involves a number of key steps to ensure the health and well-being of both cows and newborn calves.

Firstly, providing proper nutrition to pregnant cows is important, ensuring they receive adequate energy and mineral supplementation. Clean and well-bedded calving areas should be prepared, offering shelter and protection from extreme weather conditions.

Essential calving supplies, such as obstetric equipment and disinfectants, should be readily available. Monitoring cows close to their due dates is crucial to detect any signs of labour or complications.

Additionally, establishing a close relationship with a veterinarian and having a calving management plan can help address any potential issues promptly and ensure a successful calving season.

Having the right equipment is important to handling calves; to know more about Calf Cradles click here, and for Calf Races click here

For further information from NSW Local Land Service click here.


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