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Pregnancy in Heifers: A Guide for Farmers!

Have you ever wondered how to accurately diagnose pregnancy in your heifers 5-6 weeks after the bulls are removed?

Observation is Key: During this crucial period, keen observation is your best friend. Watch on behavioural changes, as pregnant heifers often exhibit reduced activity, increased manageability, and altered grazing patterns.

Professional Veterinary Check: For a foolproof diagnosis, engage your trusted veterinarian. They can perform rectal palpation or ultrasound to detect embryonic structures, providing a definitive confirmation of pregnancy. It's a reliable method that ensures accurate results.

Timing is Everything: The 5-6 week mark post-bull removal is strategic. At this point, pregnancy confirmation becomes more feasible.

Remember, accuracy is crucial for efficient herd management.

Optimising Herd Health: Accurate pregnancy diagnosis isn't just about numbers; it's about the health of your herd. Identifying pregnant heifers early allows you to tailor their nutrition, ensuring the well-being of both mother and calf.


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