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Is the Australian Government doing enough to stop Foot & Mouth Disease entering Australia?

Are the biosecurity measures currently in place, such as stopping travellers from specific countries from landing on our shores and unique sanitised mats at airports, enough to protect our multi-billion-dollar beef industry?

And what can you do about protecting your own cattle property?

There are several areas as a producer where you can work towards protecting your livestock:

  1. Some livestock owners now make staff and visitors wash their shoes in chemical baths before entering the property, keeping accurate records of who visits or handles livestock and feed.

  2. Quarantine any new livestock for at least 21 days. Also, be aware of the origin of your cattle feed, mainly if it has been imported.

  3. Do not buy animal products from countries that are infected.

  4. Be prepared by having a Bio-

security Plan in place if you suspect an infected animal has entered your property.

Symptoms to watch out for:

• Fever • Listlessness, reluctance or the inability to move • Excessive salivation (drooling) • Blisters (open or intact) can be found on areas of the mouth, tongue, lips and even above the hooves.

If you find or suspect your animal has Foot and Mouth, you must contact your local veterinarian as soon as possible to help prevent further outbreaks.

Further advice can be found here:


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