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How a Quality Head Bail Can Transform Your Cattle Yard

The importance of having the right equipment for cattle handling cannot be underestimated when dealing with livestock. Equipment like cattle headlocks and headbails can significantly improve your cattle yard production flow. The necessity of dependable and long-lasting machinery for handling cattle has never escaped the understanding of RPM Livestock Equipment. Made out of tough Australian steel, our range of Cattle Head Bail provides efficient operation as well as safe handling without compromising the safety of both cattle and equipment operators. This blog will discuss why a good quality head bail can change everything about your yard regarding cattle.

cattle head bail

The Role of a HeadBail in Cattle Handling

The cattle head bail is  an important part of the cattle crush system, designed to hold the cattle's head firmly during marking, vaccination and medical examination. The effectiveness of the equipment directly affects the ease and security of beef production. A well-designed head bail not only reduces stress and injuries to cattle but also keeps the handler out of harm or accidents.

RPM Rural Cattle head bail

We have meticulously designed our headbails to address the common challenges faced in stabilising the head of cattle. Our head bails and headlocks are built to secure your beast. It enables quick and safe capture of the cattle and prevents both operator and cattle from any injury. Here’s what sets our head bails apart:

  • Robust Construction: Made from tough Australian steel, our head bails stand through the rigours of daily use even in highly demanding situations. This durability is what confirms the equipment’s long-term reliability and performance over time. Cattle head bails are a worthwhile investment for any cattle producer.

  • Hydraulic Locking System: Our manual hydraulic locking system allows quick capture and release. With a secure hold on the animal, provided by the head bail system while allowing easy adjustments, you receive the benefits of safety as well as efficiency.

  • Rear Operating Option: Our head bails come with a rear operating option for increased safety. With the help of this feature, the operator can control the head bail from behind, reducing the risk of injury from unpredictable movements of the cattle.

  • Versatile Operation: With nearside and offside operation options, our head bails offer flexibility to suit different working preferences and setups. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of cattle-handling scenarios.

  • Optional Extras: To cater to specific needs, we offer optional extras such as straight rubbed lined doors, yoke style doors, Hydra Cattle Headlocks, Mugger Headlocks, and a rear operation kit. These additions enhance the functionality and adaptability of our head bails, ensuring they meet the unique requirements of each cattle yard.

The Superlock Headbail: A Step Above

Among our range of head bails, the Superlock Headbail stands out for its advanced features and superior performance. Here’s what makes the Superlock Headbail a top choice for beef producers:

  • Hydra Lock—Manual Hydraulic Locking: The hydraulic ram in the Superlock Headbail allows for infinite locking positions, providing a secure hold regardless of the animal's size or behaviour.

  • Quick and Easy Release: Even under pressure, the Superlock Headbail ensures a swift and smooth release, minimising stress for both the cattle and the operator.

  • Full Walk-Through: The design of the Superlock Headbail allows for a full walk-through so it becomes easier to guide cattle through the crush and reduce the overall handling time.

  • Greasable Rose Joint Linkages: These linkages enhance the durability and smooth operation of the head bail, making sure it performs reliably under demanding conditions.

  • Powerlock with 30% More Power for Effort: The Powerlock feature provides increased holding power so the cattle are securely restrained during procedures.

  • Rear Operation Kit: To make the Superlock Headbail even more efficient, the optional rear operation kit can be integrated. This addition is helpful for people who prefer to stay at a safe distance while handling cattle. Head bail can be opened and closed from behind with this kit in use, enabling high efficiency. Overall safety factors and productivity are also improved and the cattle head bail emerges as your ultimate saviour.

Long-term Benefits of Investing in Quality Equipment

Picking RPM Livestock Equipment means investing not just in a proper head bail for your herd, but also in the success and sustainability of your cattle yard that is going to pay off in the long run. RPM head bails are made to last a long time to endure Australian weather conditions, to be reliable even after years of use. This means that you don’t have to keep replacing or fixing the RPM equipment often; thus saving you some costly expenditures and reducing downtime.

Customise With RPM

Every cattle yard and beef production operation is unique, and so are its requirements. We understand that each cattle producer has different priorities while managing the herd and therefore we offer customisation services. Personalised features and dimensions make sure that our head bail meets your unique needs. Connect with us directly to get your Cattle Handling Equipment designed by our team. RPM is owned by Geoff Pearce, a third generation beef producer. Geoff’s9 understanding of what is required to provide maximum benefits and functionality to suit your yard’s daily operations ensures you get the right equipment, first time, every time.


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