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Get the Best Calf Branding Cradle for Your Farm

Managing the herd is accepted as a very demanding farm operation. When it comes to caring for young cattle, you can make a difference by choosing the right tools and equipment. 

That's where RPM Livestock Equipment comes in. They've got some practical solutions, including their innovative Calf Branding Cradle, that could make your production process a definite success. In this article, we will be talking about what makes RPM’s Calf Marking Cattle Equipment a premium choice and how it is beneficial for your farm operations.

RPM's Calf Cradle Redefines Efficiency

Purpose-Built Design for Australian Breeds

RPM's Calf Cradle and Stand Alone Calf Race are designed to accommodate all regular calf breeds in Australia. Unlike scaled-down versions of standard cattle equipment, RPM’s calf cradle supports Australian cattle in size and breed. This adaptability makes sure that each calf is handled with appropriate and acceptable techniques.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Heavy-duty galvanised steel construction is something that most beef producers look for in their farm machinery systems. So, this sturdy build can last a long time and endure daily farm use’s demanding conditions. Moreover, the galvanised finish is helpful in preventing rust and corrosion and, as such, keeping your equipment in good condition.

Enhanced Safety Features

Safety is a primary concern when handling livestock, and RPM has incorporated several features into their Calf Cradle to protect both the operator and the calves. The cradle includes a headrest for improved safety and efficient operation. And cowl infill for increased animal and operator safety.

Key Features of RPM's Calf Branding Cradle

1. Hydra Lock Technology

Hydra Lock Technology in calf handling equipment proves to be a game-changing feature. It offers infinite clamping adjustments, allowing operators to secure calves of various sizes quickly and safely. With this technology at hand, stress is greatly reduced for your calves, and no discomfort as the hydra lock provides a snug fit over the animal.

2. Foot and Hand Operation

RPM's Calf Branding Cradle can be operated using either foot or hand controls, providing flexibility and ease of use. This feature allows operators to choose the most comfortable and efficient method, enhancing overall handling efficiency.

3. Table Style Cradle

RPM’s calf cradle has a table structure, which makes it easier to position and secure calves for carrying out branding or marketing operations. The table-style design is very ergonomic; it reduces the physical strain occurring on its operator and ensures that the calves are in a secure state and being handled stably and securely.

4. Improved Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)

With a keen focus on OH&S, RPM’s calf equipment is designed to minimise the risks associated with handling the young ones. The safety features of our equipment provide an extra layer of surety that is not found in other regular calf cradles.

5. Customisable Branding Options

Whether you prefer nearside or offside branding, RPM’s Calf Marketing Cradle can be customised to suit your preferences. Simply specify your branding side when placing an order, and RPM will tailor the cradle to meet your needs.

Benefits of Using RPM's Calf Branding Cradle

Increased Efficiency

The innovative features of RPM's calf cradle simplify and improves the overall calf handling process. The ability to make quick adjustments and operate the cradle with ease means that branding, marking, and other procedures can be completed faster and more efficiently.

Operator Safety

The safety features of the cradle keep the operator out of harm's way. Cattle producers can promote the general health and well-being of cattle by reducing the physical strain linked to calf handling through ergonomic design.

Long-Term Durability

Investing in RPM's Calf Marking Cradle is equal to making a long-term investment that works in your favour. The heavy-duty galvanised steel ensures that the cradle remains functional and reliable for years of use, providing excellent value for money.

Why Choose RPM Livestock Equipment?

RPM Livestock Equipment is renowned for its expertise and innovative solutions in beef production. The calf cradle results from extensive research and development aimed at providing beef producers with the best possible tools for their operations.

Every farm is unique, and RPM understands this. Their equipment solutions could be customised and tailored according to the specific needs of your operation. Whether you require a particular design or specific features, RPM can deliver equipment that fits seamlessly into your existing setup.

In addition to the Calf Branding Cradle, RPM offers a comprehensive range of livestock handling equipment. From calf races to cattle crushes, their product lineup is designed to meet all your livestock management needs.

Make an Informed Decision

When it comes to calf handling, investing in the right equipment is crucial. RPM stands out as a leading manufacturer of livestock equipment, providing cattle handling solutions to cattle producers looking to enhance efficiency and productivity on the farm. Along with advanced features, durable construction, and customisable options, this equipment becomes your reliable calf handling system, designed to meet the unique needs of your farm. To streamline all your cattle operations, explore RPM’s range of calf-handling equipment today.

For more information and to order your Calf Branding Cradle, visit RPM Livestock Equipment's website or contact their team directly. Invest in the best for your livestock and streamline your calf handling processes with RPM.


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