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From Cattle Crushes to Cattle Yards: A Comprehensive Guide to Cattle Handling Infrastructure

Cattle handling in Australia is a challenging task in itself. From portable cattle crushes to standard cattle yards, the numerous pieces of equipment available in the market could streamline your cattle management process. A good cattle handling machinery provider knows about all the challenges and complexities that occur in the field and offers a diverse range of machines to match customer requirements. In this blog, we will be exploring the diverse range of cattle management machinery manufactured and supplied by the leading livestock equipment provider, RPM Livestock Equipment.

1. Cattle Crushes & Crush Options

Cattle crushes are indispensable tools for restraining cattle during different operations such as vaccinations, hoof trimming, and health checks. RPM Livestock Equipment offers a range of portable crush options that suit the Australian cattle market. The hydraulic system used in our cattle crushes provides a stress-free hold and release on the cattle, making it easier for both, cattle and operator. At RPM we offer a range of cattle crushers, such as Ultimate Cattle Crush, Allrounder Cattle Crush, Innovator Cattle Crush, and Vetless Innovator Cattle Crush.

Each is designed to provide efficient and humane handling while minimising stress on the animals. Our portable cattle crushes and split gates are designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of your farm.

Apart from the option to choose between nearside and offside, RPM also offers a range of extras that could be bought separately. These extra options can be easily integrated into your existing cattle crush to enhance their usability. The crush options include Baluk Gate, Spey & Injection gates, semen gate, timber floor, steel floor, rubber floor, sheeted rear door, and Rear Door Front OP. Enquire about our cattle crushers to analyse how your normal cattle crush machine works.

2. Headbails & Headlock

Headbails and headlocks are essential components as they ensure to stabilise animal heads during the operations. With a manual hydraulic locking system, the operator and livestock safety is paramount when designing this machinery. You will also find nearside and offside options available for seamless and quick equipment handling.

At RPM Livestock Equipment, you get options to customise and modify your headlock or headbail according to your specific needs in the farmland. Our offerings in this field include Superlock Headbail, Rear Operation Kit, Hydra Headlock, and Mugger Style Headlock. Tell us your requirements and challenges and we can suggest which machinery would be the most suitable for you.

3. Weigh Box

Cattle weigh boxes can be seamlessly integrated with cattle crushes and yard components to enhance the efficiency of our solutions from every angle. Get unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in your daily farming operations with cutting-edge technology. RPM’s weight box provides the operator with the convenience of real-time data, enabling them to make informed decisions. As a farmer, your herd management gets improved, and you can meet the evolving needs of modern agriculture.

4. Head Access Module

Head access modules allow operators to safely access the animal's head for procedures such as ear tagging, dehorning, and administering medications. RPM's head access module is designed with operator safety and animal welfare in mind, featuring nearside and offside access and galvanised construction.

5. Loading Ramps

Streamline your cattle management with cattle loading ramps. Yard operations are a lot simpler with a stable and durable loading ramp and other cattle yard components on your farm. Now you can safely load and unload your livestock onto, and from trailers or trucks. RPM Livestock Equipment has a variety of hardwood floor loading ramps, with anti-slip treads, sheeted lower section, and optional walkway and handrail to suit your requirements. We have 4 metre fixed height, 4 metre adjustable, and deluxe loading ramps. Explore more about our cattle loading ramps here.

6. Yard Components & Designs

We provide livestock enclosure components for efficient cattle management. Ensure safety and security of your livestock by creating a framework using Portable Cattle Yard Panels from RPM. To support variable needs of farmers and cattle breeders, our yard panels offer unparalleled adaptability. Whatever your current needs are, these yard solutions can deliver flexibility on the go for erecting temporary yards or expanding livestock space. Apart from panels, RPM also features yard gates, race bow & yard bows and custom-sized posts.

Confused about how to design your yard for maximum functionality and farm productivity? Explore our standard yard designs available here. Find yard designs with calf race and Safe-T-Force. We also offer custom-designed yard layouts. Based on your requirements, you can optimise the workflow of your cattle production. Give us a call and tell us your requirements and RPM’s in-house draftsman will present you with a personalised yard design.

7. Races

Cattle yard races are designed to guide the natural movement of the herd into a gathering space or for drafting. The narrow passageway allows the cattle to move only in one direction without being able to turn around. RPM’s yard races are designed for optimal flow and minimal stress among cattle. Explore our range of yard races: straight race, curved race and V race here.

8. Safe-T Force

The Safe-T-Force system ensures smooth and safe transfer of livestock from Safe-T-Force, through the race and to the cattle crush. Integrate optional components such as walkways, handrails, a set of stairs, and a special handle with the Safe-T-Force system. This gives full control to the operator during handling procedures.

Safety Measures in Cattle Handling

Ensuring the safety of both animals and handlers is the primary concern in cattle handling operations. RPM Livestock Equipment prioritises safety in all its equipment, incorporating features such as non-slip surfaces, and ergonomic design and safe controls to minimise the risk of accidents and injuries.

Aussie Livestock Handling Equipment

Investing in high-quality cattle handling machinery is essential. RPM's comprehensive range of cattle management equipment offers farmers the gear they need to streamline agricultural operations and achieve success in their cattle production. When you choose RPM, you are proud and sure of your equipment being Australian-made and owned. Give us a call to know more.


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