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Choosing the Right Cattle Handling Equipment: Factors to Consider

In the livestock management industry, choosing the right cattle handling equipment is essential to increase productivity of your farm. Both the animal and handler are at risk of injury if the right equipment is not available and they are forced in an unfitting environment. Our experts with years working in the equipment supplying field can help you make the best decision for your choice of operation. This comprehensive guide will provide you with an outline of the crucial key factors to consider when deciding on a cattle handling equipment for your farm.

Key Factors:

Quality and Durability

If you are investing in cattle handling equipment for your farm, durability and quality should be your top priorities. Start with looking for high-quality material and engineered machinery such as steel, which is proudly known to withstand the rigours of daily use and large cattle. This quality equipment will provide you with continual performance that is long-lasting. RPM Livestock Equipment is Australia’s renowned company for manufacturing durable, heavy-duty equipment that are Aussie made and owned. They live up to the Australian standards and conditions.

Safety Features

When dealing with cattle, you need to make sure of everyone’s safety during the farm operations. Your cattle handling equipment should have in-built safety features such as anti-slip treads, handrails, secure locking, quick release, etc. This way you reduce the risk of any accidents and injuries to both cattle and the operator. RPM Livestock Equipment puts safety as a paramount concern while building top-quality equipment.

Versatility and Flexibility

Your choice of cattle handling equipment should offer you versatile and flexible options so as to accommodate the various sizes and breeds of cattle, and different handling tasks. Choose a company that focuses on useability of their equipment and have experience in working with herds. Their experience will come handy as they are aware of the challenges one might face during different operations or when dealing with different size cattle or calves. RPM Livestock Equipment has a range of equipment with availability of nearside and off-side models, walkway and handrail additional options and other equipment extras such as baulk gate, hydra headlock or mugger headlock, fully sheeted rear door, spey & injection gates, rear operation kit, etc. Before finalising on any equipment, you need to explore the available options on your choice of machine and make sure that it aligns with your everyday or special farm requirements.

Ease of Use

Overall cattle handling process should run smoothly to avoid causing physical or mental stress to cattle as well as operators. A user-friendly and easy to operate equipment is your best friend as it reduces the risk of accidents during handling procedures. Look for smooth operation features, intuitive designs, and ergonomic builds, which can streamline workflow and enhance farm productivity. RPM Livestock Equipment works on ease of use in their designs, to ensure efficient control over equipment and safe management of cattle with minimal effort applied. The manual labour is reduced so the operator’s focus is on management, this goes along way to helping with fatigue after a long day in the yard.

Maintenance and Support

Consider the maintenance requirements of the equipment and the availability of support services from the manufacturer. Easy to maintain equipment backed by maintenance guidance and responsive customer service is what you should be getting. At RPM Livestock Equipment, we offer high-quality machinery, with online maintenance guides and videos to be with you every step of the way from start to finish. Our priority is to make sure that you don’t have any negative experience with our equipment and it remains in optimal working condition for years.

By carefully considering these factors and partnering with a trusted manufacturer like RPM Livestock Equipment, you can select cattle handling equipment that meets your specific needs and enhances the efficiency, safety, and profitability of your operation. With a commitment to quality, safety, and innovation, RPM Livestock Equipment is your trusted partner in livestock handling solutions.

Value of Proper Cattle Handling Equipment

Now that you know how to find the best livestock equipment for your business, let us explore how it benefits you, your cattle and your business. When you invest in high-quality and durable equipment, you are showered with numerous benefits that go further than just ensuring the safety of your livestock and its handlers. Benefits are as mentioned below:

Improved Animal Welfare:

Specifically designed and engineered equipment helps minimise stress and discomfort that could be caused to the animals, thus resulting in improved overall welfare. Gentle and calm movements paired with ergonomic design of your equipment such as a cattle crush will reduce injuries and behavioural issues.

Enhanced Productivity:

The overall productivity of cattle management is efficiently enhanced due to the well-designed equipment. The handling time is reduced, workflow gets more streamlined because of which manual labour is reduced and there are fewer disruptions because of injuries or accidents.

Reduced Labour Costs:

Investing in advanced cattle handling equipment can lead to significant savings on labour costs over time. With equipment that requires less manual intervention and fewer handlers needed to manage tasks, you can optimise staffing levels and allocate resources more effectively.

Long-Term Investment:

Initially, paying for a quality-built equipment that complies with the Australian standards might seem significant. But you should be able to see the bigger picture once you know that it is a long-term investment that will streamline your business for more sustainable operation.

The comprehensive range of RPM Livestock Equipment includes, but is not limited to, cattle crush, cattle head bail, cattle headlock, loading ramp and other cattle yard components, calf cradle etc. Our expert team can tell you more about our offerings or provide maintenance guidance for your RPM equipment. Give us a call, email us to get started!


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