Crush Options

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Baulk Gate

  • 2 or 3 piece hinged gate
  • Quick release pin latch
  • Side Pinning

Timber Floor

  • Treated hardwood
  • Anti slip cleats
  • Quiet for easy throughput

Steel Floor

  • Galvanised
  • Anti slip cleats
  • Weld in option available
  • Drop in module shown

Spey and injection gates

  • Easy access to body of animal
  • Slam shut handles
  • Strong hinging system

Semen Gates

  • Easy access for safe collection
  • Safety to both animal & operator
  • Slam shut handle

Fully Sheeted Rear Door

  • Completely blocks off animals view
  • Total protection for animal & operator

Rear Door Op

  • Operate rear door from the front
  • Ideal for one man operation
  • Drop away safety handle